8 Point Star

Fascinated with the 8-pointed star, and its beautiful meaning in many cultures of the world, from antiquity to the present, I asked my dear friend, and metaphysical jewelry designer Cristiaan, to put my vision in a solid form.
She designed two versions of the star, large and a small one, IN GOLD OR SILVER, within the auspicious parameters that are in agreement with ancient required measurements.
This star was shown in the New York Times; my dear friend Kattia Solano had produced it for her Butterfly studio salon.

Eight Pointed Star
Eight Pointed Star is an ancient and Universal symbol, as well as the first compass in the history of humanity.
It guides your way to a new life, looking into the future with hope, healing, beauty and art, clarity of vision, nurturing energies, and hope that an unexpected help is coming.
A Universal symbol of the cosmic order, the 8-pointed star is a symbol of humanity;s first attempts to understand and communicate nature's perfection.
It is also the Universal symbol of Unity for the Native Indians: all Nations with peace among all people.
From the time immemoriam, the 8-pointed star symbolized free flowing love, trust, pure essence of a soul, inspiration, generosity, joy, faith, regeneration, knowledge, creativity, harmony, renewal of forces, and optimism.
It is also a symbol of renewal of the consciousness -- the blueprint of our life - as we know it, and a renewal of a good fortune in the material world.
Symbol of letting go of pretense and falseness, and a renewal of the pure inner heart, it offers strength to understand and change one's karma. The star restores the faith and heals the heart within the sacred and secret parameters; it is a star of hope not as a wishful thinking, but of having trust, tools, and immeasurable confidence.
Therefore this symbol is so ever timely at the moment, as the country, the world, and the Universe are embracing the New and the future with hope, optimism, reverence, and joy.
First discovered in Ur, Sumer, and dated 3000 BC, the star is attributed to the Goddess Innana - Ishtar, the Queen of Heavens and Earth; The Lightbringer.
The Babylonian star-cult is the core and the archetype of astrology. In early astronomy eight lines are symbolic of four corners of space (directions: N,W,S,E), and time - two solstices and two equinoxes.
Called also a Seal of Prophets and a Seal of Solomon, the first use of the 8-pointed star were also discovered in Ur.
In the Sufi tradition, the diagram of the 8-pointed star is a spiritual manifestation of "One who is in one with the Divine", and  of " The Breath of the Compassionate"; a symbol, which reaches for the innermost secrets of man.
Meaning wholeness, power, and perfection of creations and nature, the star is also associated with Shambhala.
The 8-pointed star was envisioned by Yoanna, based on many ancient representations of this symbol, and created and designed by Christiaan; an incredibly talented metaphysical designer.
As the star is coming to Earth in this auspicious time, her weight anddimensions are designed within the sacred ancient parameters.
Each star is completely hand made in New York, and it is available in two sizes, in silver and in 14K-22K gold.